Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Pimpin' (Or "What I Did This Weekend")

I've often heard it said that there's no prettier a place than Virginia in the springtime. Everything's in bloom. There are amazing sights to see, made all the more beautiful by nature's glory. And this weekend I happened to capture one of those amazing sights:

Notice how the flowering tree and bright green grass dramatically set off this pimp's finery. Okay, I'm not sure he's really a pimp. And to be honest, he'd have been quite a site to behold, nature's glory or not.

Of course, all of this may lead you to wonder exactly how I spent my weekend. Alas, nothing quite so interesting as researching a documentary on the world's oldest profession. In fact, it was just another bike race. And not even any place interesting. The building in the upper lefthand corner of the photo is actually my office, around which the Tysons Corner Circuit Race travels. Big points for convenience--it was quite cold here yesterday, and a warm building with internet access and a coffeemaker is not a luxury one enjoys at every bike race. More generally, it's freezing cold or getting sunburned because I forgot sunblock, and seeing how long I can wait to pee, because at literally any bike race, I'd rather pee my pants than set foot in the portable toilet.

I happened to be sitting on the curb, waiting to snap the bikers coming around again, when I heard a strange clomping noise behind me. I looked up and spotted Huggy Bear. In the most heartwarming moment of the day, two small children rounded the corner a few minutes later with their dad, laid eyes on Huggy, and shouted "Santa!" The older one gave him a quick hug around the knees before they continued on up the street.

You see a lot of weird stuff at bike races, at least when you've been to as many as I have. But yesterday definitely made the top of the list. Apparently, though, the guy was just there to watch the race like everyone else.

P.S. Ruth, I mean it. I really do know my sight from my site. Geez. I'm so embarrassed. I may never blog again...

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Darren Bernard said...

It's too bad that more people don't take this guy's approach to enjoying a bike race. I encourage this kind of behavior because it makes the races seem like more of an event. I understand that this look may not work for everyone, but if you use your imagination I'm sure everyone can come up with something totally pimpin'!