Monday, November 3, 2008

Young Democrat Alyssa Howald attempts to pluck out John McCain's eyeball during a tour stop in Ohio this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if you remove this from your site.

Anonymous said...

I guess you forgot to post that her shirt says LITTLE REPUBLICAN!

* said...

I would appreciate it if you read this:

Hu·mor. Pronunciation: \ˈhyü-mər, ˈyü-\ Function: noun. That quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous b: the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous.

Are you sensitive because you had your eye plucked out by a baby, or because you lack the ability to recognize "humor"?

Guess I did forgot about that t-shirt. Bad camera angle. Ooops!

Anonymous said...

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