Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uh, Say What?

Today while I waited in line to order coffee, I couldn't help but
overhear the conversation between the two middle managers behind me. You know the type--Oxford shirts, khakis from Macy's, bluetooth, youth long since slipped through their fingers. One lamented the fact that he's always forgetting his Starbucks gift card. To which the other replied "Hey, don't worry. I got bling." My snort was involuntary, promise. I couldn't help wondering, though, whether the gentleman intended to offer up a giant bejeweled necklace, or similar, in exchange for the two coffee drinks. A furtive glance behind me revealed nothing involving diamond-encrusted initials, or even a giant gold clock.
This is what happens when middle-aged men try to be cool. Money is not bling. Even I know that. And I live in the suburbs. The world's most trusted source of information, Wikipedia, (after Fox News,) says bling is short for "bling bling" (which I wish more people would use, actually, because it's hilarious) and refers to expensive jewelry and other accoutrement. But not cash.
Which just goes to show you that after a certain age, you shouldn't be allowed to watch MTV anymore.


Cindy said...

You made me laugh -- can totally visualize the entire encounter. I am still allowed to say "dude" though, aren't I? (I say it facetiously knowing full well how ridiculous it sounds ... that's typically my point.)

* said...

Sure. You can even use it without the facetiousness sometimes. I say it often--dude has several applications, none of which will make you sound as ridiculous as the "I got bling" guy.