Sunday, June 22, 2008

There Was an Old Woman...

For a brief time I was friends with an older woman who, for lack of a strictly scientific description, had several loose screws. There were more than a few signs, but each one in and of itself wasn't particularly disturbing.

One day she bent over to fetch something from her purse, and I noticed a thong rising up several inches above the waistband of her extremely low-rise jeans. I was given momentary pause, during which I thought "Late 40s, right?" The combination struck me as oddly age-inappropriate, but being judgmental is a specialty of mine, so I let it go.

And then I read this article:
"Woman Sues Victoria's Secret Claiming Thong Injury."

And I realized it isn't just age-inappropriate to wear thongs in your later years. It's downright dangerous. And then I felt better because I realized, I wasn't being judgmental when I saw that thong. I was being a concerned friend. Which should come as a surprise to no one.


Anonymous said...

Even looking out for your enemies:)

* said...

Hmmm..."Enemy" might be a little strong. Maybe "Sad, gross old lady desperate for validation" or something like that?

El Dolor said...

Reading your blog is great birth control.

How about an update. If you need content, I can try to bother you more.