Monday, July 14, 2008

My Thumbs, They Are Green

That's right. We're like horticulture savants or something. What makes me say that? A little something I like to describe as the world's most perfect tomato.

Actually, it's not just me. I'm pretty sure anyone who saw it would have described it as the world's most perfect tomato. Exceptionally symmetrical? Check. The perfect size? Of course. Practically oozing fresh, delicious flavor? Duh.

The savant part comes in because we can apparently grow these perfect tomatoes with virtually no effort. We even left the aphids on them. Suck it, Mother Nature!

We moved them into the sun a few times. Added a couple of doses of fertilizer, hosed them down, and voila! I don't know how we do it, but there's no denying it-we are good.

Speaking of fabulous accomplishments, we also own the world's most perfect, delightful, friendly, and obedient puppy, and I figured what better follow up to the world's most perfect tomato?

I just hope you can handle all the perfection. I recommend small doses. Just look at one picture at a time or something, to avoid being overwhelmed.

Beasley thinks about the little people.

Beasley works on ferocious.

Beasley rejects "fetch."


simple said...

your tomato looks great! my thumb turned brown, I will have to see if I can swallow some fried green tomatoes this summer.

your pup is adorable.

by the way, great blog. you might enjoy this person's blog,

* said...
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* said...

Thanks! The tomato and the puppy are both super cool, but I really can't take credit for either. Plus, the first tomato was stellar, but the rest are looking a little runty. :)
Thanks for the blog recommendation! I just found out about this one: It's pretty hilarious.