Saturday, August 11, 2007

No, It Doesn't Have Any Cabbage In It

Last night at Target, the kid at the check-out rang up my tofu, looked at it and said "Do you like tofu?" I said yes. (It seemed self-evident, but at least he was more pleasant than the girl last week, who must have had a seriously bad experience because she spoke as if she was ringing up vomit, while assuring me she meant "no offense." None taken.) Then he said "Does it have cabbage in it or something?" Hee hee.
Nope, no cabbage I said. Soy. It's soy beans. Which seemed to provide no further clarification for him.


Trina said...

Tofu at Target? Who knew?

Trina said...

Tofu at Targ├ęt? Who knew?

* said...

Super Target. Full grocery store inside. It's a mad, mad world!