Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fatty Fatty Two by Four

Is Britney Spears seriously getting shit for how she looked in her bikini at the VMAs? Has our concept of an attractive and healthy physique really gotten so far off the mark that we all think Britney Spears looked fat?
I'm not saying that she's not a trainwreck. She's a trainwreck, all right. And I wouldn't claim that her performance was good, because "depressing" is probably a more accurate term. Furthermore, I'm not asserting that, given a nearly limitless selection, I would have opted for that particular outfit. But that girl did not look fat in her bikini. This girl looks fat in her bikini:

If I looked like this in a bikini:

I would make an argument in favor of it being classified as "business casual" and then wear it to work every day. To my office. In Northern Virginia.
And plus, at the end of the day, isn't it a whole lot better than seeing her vagina, all things considered?


Anonymous said...

compared to me, the "fat" girl looks skinny. If I looked like her, I'd break out my old bikini. I guess everything is relative.

Anonymous said...

I agree that britney spears doesn't look fat in her bikini, but I don't think the other girl looks that bad either and you must have some serious self esteem issues yourself, if you would put down someone just because their not anorexic...