Thursday, May 3, 2007

On Donkey Basketball and Morons

Donkey basketball is stupid. And for morons. And I can't believe it's necessary to point that out. Of course it's stupid, for the love of Christ. And smoking will kill you. And It's not good to jump from a moving automobile either, in case you were wondering. It seems equally obvious to me that dragging around a bunch of poor, defenseless animals to hot, smelly, loud gymnasiums, to be ridden by inexperienced individuals as a bunch of mental midgets yuk it up, is not the best way for your booster club to fund its activities. Yet here we are, in the year 2007, and donkey basketball is still considered a fun activity.
In addition to being just plain stoopid, It clearly sucks for the animals. According to one expert: "The deprivation, constant travel, unfamiliar surroundings, loud noise, and rough handling are extremely stressful for the donkeys. They often develop unpredictable temperaments and have been known to lash out in frustration or fear, causing injury to participants or bystanders." Of course, injuries to the players or bystanders, in most cases I can live with. The animals are another question.
Additionally, as one animal rights advocate points out--"The games may desensitize young people to animal suffering and teach them that we have the right to abuse animals for our own entertainment."
And who doesn't think that's great?
Here's a cool article on donkeys:
I totally can't wait to get one.

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