Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Virginia is for...Weirdos

Since moving to sunny and magical Northern Virginia eight months ago, I have:
1. Put 18,000 miles on my car, and a new engine in it;

2. Applied for 25 different jobs;

3. Been rejected by 20 different employers;

4. Been informed (not unkindly) that accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior will prevent me from burning in the hellfires of eternal damnation;

5. Entered into the employ of a seriously deranged attorney;

6. Left the employ of said attorney with exactly 0 hours notice;

7. Crashed my car;

8. Joined a new company, with a CEO whose hijinx will surely provide fodder for multiple chapters of my memoir;

9. Observed a woman reading a cookbook whilst driving on the beltway; and

10. Wished a rabbit back to life after it took a flying leap into my spinning car tire.

This concludes the "update" portion of our blog.

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