Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Attention Northern Virginia Drivers!

This is a traffic stop:
They are generally a routine occurrence, and do not require that you stomp on your brakes. The police officer is typically occupied at the time you observe such an event, and unless you are waving your crack pipe out the window, honking your horn and flipping the officer the bird, smashing into the car in front of you, or generally committing some other significant, attention-getting violation, they do not care what you are doing. Perhaps you find such an event fascinating, on par with a meteor falling from the sky. In this case I suggest getting out more often. It's really not all that interesting. If it's such an unusual site that you must become accustomed to viewing it, try an image search on Google. There are plenty of photographs, like the one above, of people being pulled over. Maybe after viewing enough of them, you will be able to withstand the overwhelming desire to slow down and stare, mouth agape, when a fellow motorist is being stopped, and thus I WILL BE ABLE TO GET TO WORK ON TIME.
Thank you. You may now resume being a moron.

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Anonymous said...

I concur! This is the best time to speed. As the officer is busy writing his ticket you basically have carte blanche. Let's but the pedal to the metal NOVA.