Monday, October 1, 2007

One Way Of Looking At It

Yesterday morning I was watching Bobby Flay on The Food Network. Since the show is not exactly veg-centric--it is called "Boy Meets Grill" after all, it's not always on my must-watch list. That having been said, I can pretty much get waylaid by any Food Network show. From Paula's giant (and growing) puff of silvery hair, bulging eyeballs, and butter vats, to Giada's frightening grimace-smile (why have a dentist when the entire Food Network viewing audience can see every single one of your teeth every time you're on screen?) it's all too easy to get sucked into the lost-time vortex that is TFN. For the most part, Bobby Flay doesn't strike me as a big giant ass face, and he doesn't inspire in me the same homicidal tendencies provoked by his unendurable compatriot Rachel Ray. Sometimes he even has some interesting ideas that I can de-meat, so I stayed tuned through my first cup of coffee.
On this particular episode, he was making grilled stuffed portobello mushroom caps. Since I make a version of this myself, it caught my attention. Bobby's version featured onion, spinach, smoked mozzarella, and andouille sausage. When he finished preparing the dish, along with two other mushroom-centric items, he sat down and tucked in to his work, noting the stuffed mushrooms would actually make a nice vegetarian entree.
Which gave me pause, since last time I checked, andouille sausage are made with pork, also known as pig, or, more generally, meat. I think you'd have a pretty pissed off vegetarian on your hands if you fed them a sausage-stuffed mushroom for dinner. But maybe I should only speak for myself. Maybe there's a different definition of vegetarian out there that, in a mystifying twist, accommodates pork sausage. One time I was reading the comments on a vegetarian blog, in which one woman proclaimed herself to be a vegetarian, except that she eats bacon, because she really likes it. That actually made me laugh a little bit.
In the same category (confusing things people say, I guess) I heard someone from Homeland Security on the radio this morning, who said that the government does know what's going on in terms of possible terrorist threats in the U.S., just not "some of the tactical details...the who, what, when, where." Or: Holes in domestic security intelligence, brought to you by the letter "W." But rest assured, they apparently have the "why" nailed down firmly. I kind of thought that was the easy one.


rcd said...

We still miss you up here.

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